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Welcome to ContentsTrackā„¢ online

ContentsTrack has two platforms that complement each other. ContentsTrack online is used to create jobs and to assign tasks for each job. Tasks are then distributed to ContentsTrack installed on mobile devices in the field. Once the items in a room have been inventoried, that information is uploaded to ContentsTrack online.

Watch these training videos to quickly familiarize yourself with the ContentsTrack workflow and everything ContentsTrack offers.

Go to Setup and Administration for instructions on how to set up and customize ContentsTrack for your company.

For more information about the ContentsTrack workflow, read the overview below.

Workflow Overview

Create job

The online user creates a job in ContentsTrack online. See Manage Jobs  and Job Details for more information.

Distribute tasks

The online user generates item and box IDs and distributes the job as "tasks" to mobile devices. See Distribute Task for more information.

Complete tasks

Mobile users sync their devices with ContentsTrack online to receive tasks. Then they can get authorization forms signed by the customer and start adding inventory.

Once the inventory items are ready for uploading, either because the inventory is complete or the user wants to upload their work in progress, the mobile user uploads the task. Once uploaded, the online user can view, edit, and track the imported inventory items at any time.

Upload inventory

Mobile users complete the Onsite Inventory tasks and upload the inventory to ContentsTrack online. An entry is created in the Notifications Center table on the Jobs page.

Warehouse Management

Items can be tracked as they move through the restoration process either online or on the mobile devices (see Warehouse Management). Users can make changes to the job, move items and boxes (see Tracking and Stations) and redistribute tasks if necessary.

Onsite Pack Back

The mobile user can view room images, view item details, and mark items as Returned. The Chain of Custody is updated in ContentsTrack online when the mobile user syncs their device.

Export inventory

The online user exports the inventory to Xactimate or XactContents to begin building the cost estimate (includes pricing the items).

Generate reports

Users can generate a number of reports to view the items details in various ways. This includes generating reports for the customer or for internal use.




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